Problems with Windows Bookshelf app


The following issues are likely caused when some folders are created with insufficient permissions:

  • The app doesn't allow you to login, the login screen never shows.
  • The app crashes.
  • The app doesn't allow you to download any content.
  • The app doesn't sync you LearningField groups or content


Please try the following steps:

  1. Go to folder 'Documents'
  2. Rename the 'My Books' folder to 'My Books old' or delete the folder (you might need admin access to do that)
  3. In the Documents folder create a new folder 'My Books'
  4. Open the newly created 'My Books' folder and in it create a new folder 'VitalSource Bookshelf'
  5. Open the VitalSource Bookshelf folder and in it create two more folders 'VitalBook Library' and 'User Data'

Please contact us here if the above steps didn't resolve the issue for you.

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