7 Download and read chapters in the Bookshelf Desktop eReader for PC/Mac


To start using your Bookshelf Desktop eReader:

After sign in, your Bookshelf Desktop eReader will open in the Downloads folder. If chapters have been added to your personal or group libraries, you will see the message shown below:


If you choose to Download now

If you select Download, all added chapters will be queued for download to you device now. You’ll see download progress bars on the chapter covers, and a confirmation message indicating when each chapter has been downloaded and ready to read.


If you choose to Download Later

If you select Download Later, you can download one or more chapters any time by double  clicking on the chapter covers:


 Once chapters have been downloaded to your device, you can read them online or offline:


Tip for first sign in: 

If you select Download Later on a first sign, you may see white space in the Downloads folder view. To view and download added chapters, select the All Titles folder view:


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